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Sewer Snakes

We have several different sized drain snakes for all your drain cleaning needs. Our large sewer snake is used to clear main line plugs. Our medium sized sewer snake is for kitchen lines, some floor drains, and most all 2” drain lines. The smaller sewer snake is best for clearing the smaller drains in the house such as sink drains.

Hydro Jet

When the blockage in your sewer main is caused by a “soft plug”, such as when a the line has back grade, the flow is greatly slowed, or stopped the line can become septic. For these type of plugs we turn to our high velocity hydro jetter and literally blast the plug away. The jetter is also gentler on older more fragile pipes. We have also been successful on clearing corrugated rain drains with our Jetter, a situation that a normal sewer snake usually destroys the pipe.

Camera with Built-In Locator

When clearing plugs from drains or sewer mains our Journeyman Plumbers are working in the dark, literally. It takes years to develop “the touch” to feel the information being transmitted back from the equipment to determine what the plug is, where in the line it is, and if they were successful in removing it. To help take some of the guess work out of it we have invested in a line camera with a locator. With this tool we can view the inside of the pipe and identify the problem area(s). The location function of the camera gives us the ability to mark out the location of the sewer line and to determine how deep the line is. We can also provide valuable information on a flash drive to the homeowner or potential homeowner if the house is being put on the market to be sold.


Line Puller

If you need to change your water main line and it’s plumbed in a plastic pipe and has not been repaired with metal fittings we can save you from having to dig up your yard, or cut into your concrete sidewalk, to run a new line. Our system will pull a braided metal cable though the old water main, splitting the pipe as it goes and pull along the new water line. No digging up landscaping and limits the muddy mess often times associated with trenching through your yard.

Locating and Repair of Interior Lines

Our plumbers pride themselves at locating and repairing interior water leaks with the minimal amount of wall damage. Since this is what they do all the time, their ‘educated guess’ is often correct.



We are in the process of putting in a newly refurbished show room to better meet the needs of our customer’s. We have trained staff that can meet with you our customer and if you’d like to set up an appointment we will make sure a plumber is present to answer questions and give a professional opinion.

Stocked Vans

Our fleet of service vans are set up with specialized organizational shelving and drawers which we strive to keep well stocked with repair parts for the most common brands of plumbing fixtures. We do this so our plumbers have the best chance of accomplishing the repairing in one trip. If we don’t have the parts needed on hand we would be more than happy to put in an order to our suppliers whom we receive deliveries from each day of the work week.

Trained/Experienced Journeyman Plumbers

Each of our plumbing technicians are licensed Journeyman Plumbers who have put in the hours needed to gain the experience to diagnose and make repairs. They function as a team and are encouraged to draw upon each other’s practical knowledge.


If you are looking to update a tired old bathroom, or if you’re finally getting that kitchen you always dreamed of we are able to help make that a reality!

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